For over 60 years, the mission of Meckley’s Limestone Products, Inc. has been to become the leading provider of crushed limestone, paving products, service, placement and delivery in eastern central Pennsylvania. We have been fortunate to have exceeded the expectations of our customers, and fortunate in our capable and dedicated employees. Meckley’s has since expanded that mission to become a world-class provider of pulverized limestone products and services. Our uncompromising emphasis on quality work, on-time delivery and creative solutions to difficult situations tells the story of our success. The customer always comes first. This philosophy has guided our operations since 1936, and will continue to be our hallmark as Meckley’s Limestone Products, Inc. moves ahead.


Into The Future

In 1982, the U.S. Department of Energy constructed a ‘fluidized bed boiler’ in Paxinos, PA, approximately 25 miles from the quarry. The purpose of this unit was to demonstrate the feasibility of burning coal waste (culm) as a primary fuel for the production of steam energy. Part of this project involved testing the use of finely ground limestone as a sorbent of sulfur dioxide (the primary cause of acid rain) by injecting it into the combustion chamber. Meckley’s was able to provide the limestone greystonemanatcontrols.gif (25091 bytes) for the tests, which demonstrated that the limestone was an effective sorbent. As a result of these tests, Meckley’s was able to form supply agreements with the Keeler Company of Williamsport, providing pulverized limestone for a factory test boiler. Participation in the research and development of many projects such as these has made Meckley’s Limestone Products, Inc. a leader in the industry, and a crucial player in the development of new markets. The limestone from these early tests has become the benchmark for sulfur-dioxide capture against which all other limestones would be measured.

Over the years, Meckley’s has developed supply relationships with 10 independently owned power plants that, combined, consume over 325,000 tones of limestone each year. Weekly sales of pulverized limestone to power plants surpass 6,000 tons. Consistently on the cutting edge of the power industry’s demand for sorbent, Meckley’s manages to maintain the quality, consistency and delivery excellence expected. Our extensive core drilling/chemical testing of the quarry and our on-site chemical/physical analysis laboratory allow us to accomplish these goals. Our trucking fleet, office staff and employees make sure that good service doesn’t end when the product leaves the quarry.


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