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Our Quality

Meckley’s Quality Product purity, consistency, and overall quality are tested several times each day in our quality control labs. Tests are performed on crushed aggregate products for size gradation; on pulverized limestone products for chemical purity and size gradation; and bituminous concrete for aggregate gradation, strength, and stability of the finished product. We have made […]
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Community Service

Giving Back to the Community We have made a special effort to make company land other than the quarry available to groups within the community. Similar to the leased fish hatchery land, Meckley’s donated 30 acres to the local youth soccer organization for practice and game fields. Outstanding Line Mountain high school seniors benefit each […]
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Meckley’s History

Meckley’s History 1930s Surviving the Great Depression Using his instincts and willingness to work hard, J. Eugene Meckley was able to survive the Great Depression in the 1930s by earning a living owning and operating a delivery truck. Hauling mostly milk, coal and fertilizer, he had occasion to travel to Lebanon County from his home […]
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Limestone Applications

Limestone Applications Some Practical Tips for Designing a Driveway or Parking Area? Design by Dimension Keep in mind the dimensions of commonly used paving equipment. Most paving machines have a normal placement width of 8 to 12 feet. The machines work best when paving in straight lines and when making square corners. Laying out a […]
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